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Maybe what you are looking for is there ->

That should work. Also, changed the abysmal subject to Spell Checker in case some users are searching for "spell checker".

Not clear from the nonexistent documentation on this page and the other language equivalents:

Does a new dictionary supplant or supplement the existing one(s)?

If I compose a multilingual message, must I proof it in one language only, or will the system proof the English with the English dictionary and the French with the French dictionary, etc.? Or will it proof the entire message with the union of all active dictionaries?

Can I choose to proof a given message with a given dictionary, or will SeaMonkey reserve that decision for itself?


You can install multiple dictionaries and then select only one to proof from at a time. I suspect you could create your own composite dictionary by merging files.

It would depend on the format and structure of the dictionaries. If each is hard-coded for a particular code page, for example, I'd be out of luck if I chose two or more languages that required different code pages. And I know of some spell checkers that have efficient ways of coding paradigms instead of having to list every form, but I don't know how they manage it.

In MS Word, it's very helpful that I can mark one patch of text as English, another as Russian, another as French, etc.; then the program knows which spell-checker to apply to each.

I don't think it is that clever. Each language seems to have a 500k ish .txt file in which you can see many words; each is prefixed with a code. There is also a much smaller 30k ish 'affix' file (.AFF) which seems to have word extensions in it such as 'ing' and 'ieths' also with codes associated. It maybe simple enough to merge these files but you still won't get the ability to mark different text as different languages but it could be that each word would be checked against all the merged languages.
Bit of a bodge though!

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