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stan schrieb:
This is probably not a problem for this news group but I don't know
where to begin.

When I play videos from, sometimes the video and audio will go
out of sync as I am watching the video. Is this related to the program
that SM uses to play the video? Can it be changed to a better program by


this is probably related to the player, which depends on the source.
Is it flash? => Flashplayer
Is it WindowsMedia Format? => Windows Media-Player
Seamonkey only uses the browser-plugins of those programs, it does not
play the content itsself.


I'm trying to fidn a way to communicate with CBS and find out what player they are using.

It's Adobe Flash... and the vid/aud are outta sync for me regardless whether I choose HD or HQ.

(SM 1.1.17   WinXPHome SP3)

I have no hassles with other media outlets' videos that employ Flash... so one could jump to a conclusion it's CBS' problem.

Good luck on contacting them. Mebbe the old-fashioned telephone would be more effective?

Or (tongue-in-cheek) a letter to Andy Rooney?
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