Richard Owlett wrote, on 2009-08-07 09:14:
I am encountering problems and questions moving from Mozilla 1.7.12 to SeaMonkey 1.1.17 under WinXP Pro SP2.

  1. Although my preferences are set to download messages at
     startup and every 10 minutes, all that happens is that I'm
     alerted that mail is available on the server and I have to
     manually download.
  2. When searching messages, the drop down menu *ALL* SUBfolders
     not just the top level folders. My folder levels can be 4
     deep and my primary email account has over 80 folders. When
     searching, I always want to search at the account level.
  3. As I have multiple profiles I force both Mozilla and
     SeaMonkey to start in Profile Manager (-p option). SeaMonkey
     ignores the status of Work Offline check box. Is this a *BUG*
     or have I not set up something correctly.
       {related to *DESIGN FLAW* in Firefox that you can not
        switch offline/online DURING a session????}

  1. Can prefs.js force email preferences - specifically "view as
     plain text" and disable JavaScript in email?
  2. Is there a simple (read automatic) way to setup multiple
     profiles having identical email & newsgroup settings?

1. You have not specified whether you are using IMAP or POP e-mail accounts.
For POP accounts, there is an "Automatically download new messages" in the "Server settings" panel for such account. For IMAP ones, as that checkbox does not exist, I just set the corresponding "Inbox" folder to be used offline,
    this way the messages are downloaded.

2. There is a "Seach subfoldeers" checkbox in the "Search messages" panel.
By disabling it, you can prevent the search to go through the subfolders of the current folder, but I don´t know how to search only top-level folders
    from all accounts.

3. That works OK for me.


1. I don´t know.

2. No, but you can create the profiles and copy the *.slt subfolder from the
   "main" profile to the other ones.
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