Benoit Renard wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:
  1. Can prefs.js force email preferences - specifically "view as
     plain text" and disable JavaScript in email?

I don't see why not, as that's where preferences like those are stored.

OK. I haven't dived into user.js and prefs.js since transition from Netscape to Mozilla. This is a refresher course ;}

  2. Is there a simple (read automatic) way to setup multiple
     profiles having identical email & newsgroup settings?

If those profiles still have to be created, you can modify the template profile under defaults/profile in SeaMonkey's program folder with those settings. New profiles will then be created with them.

And for the ones already created, I suspect I could grab desired info from prefs.js of source profile and put it in user.js of target. Yes, I recognize that could have strange consequences and I do at my own risk.

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