On Aug 11, 4:00 am, Daniel <d...@albury.nospam.net.au> wrote:
> bambina369 wrote:
> > I have several e-mail accounts set up under mail & newsgroups and they
> > all work except for the first one.  For some reason, the sent messages
> > aren't visible.  All of the settings are the same on all accounts, but
> > this is the only one that doesn't show the sent messages.  Any
> > suggestions?
> Bambina, my first suspicion would be your setting for View->Messages.
> Mine, for my mail account, is set to Äll¨...what is your setting for
> that account??
> Daniel

Thanks for your suggestion, Daniel.  I just checked and mine is set to
"all" as well.  The strange thing is, in the upper part of the message
box, it shows the name, subject and date of the message sent but the
actual message part below is what's missing.  Even when I double click
on the message to bring up a separate pop up box, it's still blank.
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