bambina369 wrote:

On Aug 11, 9:33 am, "Paul B. Gallagher"

And if you do CTRL-U to view the source code, is there any, or is
the message body gone?

If it's still there, you might try compacting folders, that's occasionally helped for me.

Nothing happens when I do CTRL-U. I'm on a Mac. Does that make a difference? Also, it doesn't make sense as to why my four other e- mail accounts all work showing the sent messages but just this one doesn't.

OK, it's probably CMD-U, or whatever you call that funny Apple key -- that's the usual translation. At any rate, whatever you would normally do to reveal the source code of a message or web page.

If this particular Sent folder is chock full of messages marked for deletion but the others are not, it's reasonable to expect it to perform differently.

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