On Aug 11, 9:33 am, "Paul B. Gallagher"
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> bambina369 wrote:
> > On Aug 11, 4:00 am, Daniel <d...@albury.nospam.net.au> wrote:
> >> bambina369 wrote:
> >>> I have several e-mail accounts set up under mail & newsgroups and they
> >>> all work except for the first one.  For some reason, the sent messages
> >>> aren't visible.  All of the settings are the same on all accounts, but
> >>> this is the only one that doesn't show the sent messages.  Any
> >>> suggestions?
> >> Bambina, my first suspicion would be your setting for View->Messages.
> >> Mine, for my mail account, is set to Äll¨...what is your setting for
> >> that account??
> >> Daniel
> > Thanks for your suggestion, Daniel.  I just checked and mine is set to
> > "all" as well.  The strange thing is, in the upper part of the message
> > box, it shows the name, subject and date of the message sent but the
> > actual message part below is what's missing.  Even when I double click
> > on the message to bring up a separate pop up box, it's still blank.
> And if you do CTRL-U to view the source code, is there any, or is the
> message body gone?
> If it's still there, you might try compacting folders, that's
> occasionally helped for me.
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Nothing happens when I do CTRL-U.  I'm on a Mac.  Does that make a
difference?  Also, it doesn't make sense as to why my four other e-
mail accounts all work showing the sent messages but just this one
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