Hartmut Figge schrieb:
> Martin Feitag:
>> DoctorBill schrieb:
>>> http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i86/DoctorBill_SCC/Miscellaneous/?action=view&current=SMTabError.jpg
>> picture doesn't work for me, just a white page.
> That ist strange.
> http://www.triffids.de/pub/screenshot/sm090813.jpg (99 KB)

Must have been a temporary server issue, I tried about 7 times even
without ad-blockers etc. no chance, but now it's fine...

Back to the error-message: that looks like the classic
tabbrowser-extensions-error to me. Got them installed?
Only a restart of SM without re-loading the tab-session can fix this.

I'm using the tabbrowser extensions myself in SM1.1.x although they are
officially abandoned and the author warns on his site that they're
unstable. (when opening hundreds of tabs, they will often crash and
moving tabs with the mouse constantly gives me this kind of error when
trying to close a certain tab afterwards, I tend to not move tabs with
the mouse anymore)
A shame that tabmixplus doesn't work for SM ;-(


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