First, I want to say "THANKS" to Robert Kaiser and everyone... who works on SM to keep a suite available for us all, and I LOVE the addition of the "Customize" option on message filters! :)

Now, I've just found that the "File" option on the tool bar is gone. Is that permanent? Or is there a place I haven't been able to find, to select what you want on your tool bar for mail/news? I found that extremely useful to switch messages between folders, and will really miss it, if it is gone forever.

Also, what use are those "Go Back" and "Go Forward" options? They are always greyed out for me, so I can't see the drop down options, but I can't think of how I would use them and would like to remove them. Is that possible?

The only thing that I use frequently that isn't working for me, but apparently isn't a problem for many people, is the address book won't display the addresses in my personal address book, without several clicks. Is there anything I can do about that, since bugzilla says no one is working on this?

I appreciate all the help I've already gotten, plus any information on the above. :)

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