NoOp wrote:
On 08/15/2009 02:38 PM, chicagofan wrote:
First, I want to say "THANKS" to Robert Kaiser and everyone... who works on
SM to keep a suite available for us all, and I LOVE the addition of the
"Customize" option on message filters!    :)

Now, I've just found that the "File" option on the tool bar is gone.  Is
that permanent?  Or is there a place I haven't been able to find, to select
what you want on your tool bar for mail/news?  I found that extremely useful
to switch messages between folders, and will really miss it, if it is gone

Right click a blank spot on the toolbar.

Thanks!!! I thought there must be a place to customize it, but just couldn't find it.

Also, what use are those "Go Back" and "Go Forward" options?  They are
always greyed out for me, so I can't see the drop down options, but I can't
think of how I would use them and would like to remove them.  Is that possible?

See above. You can drag them off the toolbar (thanks Phillip Chee). I
find the "Go Forward" a nusance, but I find the "Go Back" quite useful.
Example: on occassion I am reading a newsgroup and may click a little
too fast. I notice that I've just clicked past an article that I
actually might be interested in; click "Go Back" and it takes me back to
that article. Now one might say, so? Well, the last article may have
been threaded in a different thread/date&  trying to go back and find
it, particularly since it's now marked as 'read' can sometimes be nearly
impossible. "Go Back" button and/or the dropdown is, for me, a very
useful tool.

I can see that "Go Back" would be occasionally useful that way. Thanks for the explanation.

The only thing that I use daily/frequently that isn't working for me, but
apparently isn't a problem for many people, is the address book won't
display the addresses in my personal address book, without several clicks.
Is there anything I can do about that, since bugzilla says no one is working
on this?

Thats an issue you are already looking at in another thread. Why ask
about it again in this thread?

LOL... because after searching for a solution with no success, I drug that message out of *2008*... later, I thought it might be ignored. Especially since the header does not specify the SM version, and it was a reply, not a new header request. Am I forgiven?

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