On 08/15/2009 02:38 PM, chicagofan wrote:
> First, I want to say "THANKS" to Robert Kaiser and everyone... who works on 
> SM to keep a suite available for us all, and I LOVE the addition of the 
> "Customize" option on message filters!    :)
> Now, I've just found that the "File" option on the tool bar is gone.  Is 
> that permanent?  Or is there a place I haven't been able to find, to select 
> what you want on your tool bar for mail/news?  I found that extremely useful 
> to switch messages between folders, and will really miss it, if it is gone 
> forever.

Right click a blank spot on the toolbar.

> Also, what use are those "Go Back" and "Go Forward" options?  They are 
> always greyed out for me, so I can't see the drop down options, but I can't 
> think of how I would use them and would like to remove them.  Is that 
> possible?

See above. You can drag them off the toolbar (thanks Phillip Chee). I
find the "Go Forward" a nusance, but I find the "Go Back" quite useful.
Example: on occassion I am reading a newsgroup and may click a little
too fast. I notice that I've just clicked past an article that I
actually might be interested in; click "Go Back" and it takes me back to
that article. Now one might say, so? Well, the last article may have
been threaded in a different thread/date & trying to go back and find
it, particularly since it's now marked as 'read' can sometimes be nearly
impossible. "Go Back" button and/or the dropdown is, for me, a very
useful tool.

> The only thing that I use frequently that isn't working for me, but 
> apparently isn't a problem for many people, is the address book won't 
> display the addresses in my personal address book, without several clicks. 
> Is there anything I can do about that, since bugzilla says no one is working 
> on this?

Thats an issue you are already looking at in another thread. Why ask
about it again in this thread?

> I appreciate all the help I've already gotten, plus any information on the 
> above.   :)
> bj

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