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good day

I am trying to reinstall 1.1.17 on my wifes computer under windowsXP
The old profile is there but the installer comes up with an error saying I am in safe mode!!

does any one have an idea what is wrong?

Does it say you are in safe mode, or does it say you may be in safe mode? The difference is important.
the computer boots into normal mode
I have done a full virus scan and nothing found

next day I picked three programs from my desk computer and I get the same popup saying program can not be installed because installer gets a safemode state detected

I have never seen this myself

Could this:
help you ?
It is close I had only the two values for safeboot but no values set so I set normal to 0 with no effect.

I was hoping to wait till Dec. to rearrange my hard drives so I think I may just do it now with a reinstall just hate to due it after my old boss gave me some programs I can not put back

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