Rob C. schrieb:
> I've been getting a Security Error box popping up lately when I visit
> various websites.  It says the certificate doesn't match the domain.  I
> get that part but the certificate presented seems to always match a
> domain that I do frequent, i.e it shows a certificate for "" when
> I visit "".  It's like somethings gotten out of sequence.  I've
> tried making a new profile, a r/r of SM, reverting to an older version
> of SM  and it makes no difference.  I'm using SM 1.1.17 with no
> extensions and WinXP.  Any help appreciated.
> Rob

I saw the same for two times already on the homepage of a large email
provider called gmx. Strangely it doesn't happen all the time and not
even every day...


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