Henry schrieb:
> I'm now confused about making a new profile for SeaMonkey from my
> Mozilla profile. I read the "How do I import my profile info from the
> Mozilla Application Suite or Netscape7?" section and am still confused.
> My Mozilla profile is now in C;\Documents and
> settings\Henry\application\Data\Mozilla\Profiles|Default User.
> I get to the part in the Create Profile Wizard that wants me to Enter a
> new profile name:
> I'm stuck right there and I don't know what the next question will be
> and I'll be stuck again.
> Will some one please walk me through the next steps? Do I just some how
> put SeaMonkey in or put SeaMonkey in the above string where Mozilla is now?
If you're planning to upgrade to Seamonkey why so much hazzle?
Close your Mozilla, copy or zip your profile directory and store this
backup at some safe place.
Now install Seamonkey, let it use the old Mozilla profile.
Done! ;-)

If anything is wrong then or not working you still have your backup so
you can delete the mess and restore the files from your backup.
But the normal case would be that everything is fine and you can
uninstall the old Mozilla Suite.


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