My daughter is running SeaMonkey 1.1.17 under XPPro and somehow her profile(s) are corrupted.

I have never seen a problem under OS/2 :)

In her server settings I copied the location of her profile. Looking in that directory I found a lot of *.slt file. Using another one did not fix her problem:

She used to have over 2K messages in her In box, followed by about 4 other sub folder. Somebody suggested that she no longer delete her messages from the in box and to leave them on the server until she manually does delete.

Well I thought something got corrupted and a new download did not fix.
My 2nd. try was to download and install SeaMonkey in a new directory after renaming the old installation directory to SeaMonkeyOLD.

After filling the necessary information, the new SeaMonkey only shows only 136 messages which is what she tells me in on her server (which matches the time she changed to keep her messages on the server. But what happened to the 2K messages she had in her in box before.

Also there are a bunch (2K?) of folders showing up also with files names. Clicking on any one opens a blank message view.

My question to any SeaMonkey/XPPro expert, what can I do to explain

1) How did she end up with some many profiles
2) Should I merge them in 1 profile and if yes how do I do it
3) How to clean up all those empty sub folders (I think those were her old messages before)
4) How to re-index her mailbox to salvage the 2K+ old messages

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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