Lately (since earlier today), I noticed my SeaMonkey v1.1.18 seems
laggier/taking longer to finish opening/rendering up Mail & Newsgroups
(shows nothing on the right frame at first) and new browser windows
(missing bookmarks in toolbar and blank page at first). It takes about
2-3 seconds long on my Intel 8200 quad-core system in my updated XP Pro.
SP3 box!

I narrowed down this to AdBlock Plus v1.0.2 extension. I did not have
this problem with each separate scenario:
1. A brand new SeaMonkey profile.
2. Removed ABP extension (disabled ABP extension and filters still show
the lags).
3. Unable to reproduce this on my Debian/Linux box. That box doesn't use
IEview (already tried without it in Windows XP Pro. SP3 box).

The only significant changes I recalled earlier was adding XP's files
for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai) and
reboot. I removed them and rebooted, but still have this problem. I
already tried clearing caches, history, compacting e-mails and newsgroup
posts, deleting XUL.mfl file, reinstalling SeaMonkey v1.1.18 over the
old one, etc.

Does anyone know what's up? Thank you in advance. :)
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