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Paul Hartman wrote:

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 10:29 AM, Ray_Net
<> wrote:
Normally, here we see complains about the fact that soem sites works ok with
IE and not with SM.

I have found a site working ok with SM but i am unable to use it with IE.

In fact the page does not work at all for me in Seamonkey 1.1.18 - it
is completely blank.

In IE8 it also fails.

Seems like a webmaster's problem to me.

Works fine here in IE8, blank in SM 1.1.16.

Coordonnées GPS
Cherchez un lieu pour déterminer sa position GPS ou déplacez le marqueur sur la carte.

[17 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris] [OK]

Latitude 48.8722329
Longitude 2.2914848

[map showing requested location]

You may want to update your compatibility list from M$. This is probably one of those noncompliant pages written for IE7 only, which IE8 knows how to handle if you tell it it's noncompliant but SM doesn't because SM's philosophy is to punish the user for the webmaster's mistakes.

It's ok with my SM 1.1.14 ... so SM is not punished.
But you tell us, using IE8, about [17 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris]
This is also ok for me at the load of the page... However the page did not work...Have you tried to change the location, per exemple put philadelphia in the zone, then click on "Ok" Is it still working ?
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