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Paul B. Gallagher wrote:

[...]This is probably one of those noncompliant pages written for
IE7 only, which IE8 knows how to handle if you tell it it's
noncompliant but SM doesn't because SM's philosophy is to punish
the user for the webmaster's mistakes.

I would say the Gecko philosophy is
"Don't interpolate; render what exists."

Another way to say it might be
"We're skilled developers; we expect the site builders to be that

Know how you can tell a crap Web Design book?
It doesn't mention the W3C Validator in the first few pages.

All well and good, but for real-world users this comes across as uncooperative at best and dysfunctional at worst. They don't care about your arcane technical issue, they just want to see the content.

It reminds me of a conversation where someone asks, "Do you know the way to San Jose?" and the answer comes back "Yes." The respondent knows perfectly well that the purpose of the question is not to learn whether he knows the way, but to learn what the way is, but instead of answering the question that everyone knows is being asked, they choose to be a PITA and answer the question that appears to be asked. Such people are technically right but no fun to be around.

For more, google "Gricean maxims."

War doesn't determine who's right, just who's left.
Paul B. Gallagher
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