Mon, 14 Sep 2009 23:46:45 +0200, /Ray_Net/:

It's ok with my SM 1.1.14 ... so SM is not punished.
But you tell us, using IE8, about [17 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris]
This is also ok for me at the load of the page... However the page did not work...Have you tried to change the location, per exemple put philadelphia in the zone, then click on "Ok" Is it still working ?

I see the following error in the IE script console:

'which' is null or not an object coordonnees-gps-sur-google-maps.html, line 276 character 34

The script tries to access a non-standard 'event.which' [1] property which is not part of the IE DOM [2]. Key events is not well standardized area, in my observations. The only common key event property is the 'keyCode' which behavior might differ between implementations (IE vs. Mozilla), also.


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