Jens Hatlak wrote:
On 9/14/2009 2:32 PM Smiles wrote:
I would like to know if in Seamonkey 2.0 beta is all Seamonkey 1.18 profiles dumped into on folder now It took me four days to reconstruct my emails after switching over for 9 days

<> says you'll have to create a new SM 2 profile for each SM 1.1.x profile /before/ migrating each one. Did you do that?

E.g. after the first profile has been migrated:
seamonkey -createProfile profile2
seamonkey -P profile2 -migration
(select second SM 1.1.x profile)
seamonkey -createProfile profile3
seamonkey -P profile3 -migration
(select third SM 1.1.x profile)



thanks for the response I am aware of this info
my question is in 1.18 I have different profile folders but when I started a 2.0 version I have only one folder with all accounts in it is this now the case

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