Jochen Roderburg wrote:
OTOH, I love that "open source standard replay" saying: If you have a
problem with our product, just go ahead and fix it yourself.  That may be
possible with a small or medium size open source program, and I have
actually succesfully made changes or fixed errors in such cases a number of
times.  But with huge programs like these mozilla products, I think this
goes beyond my abilities.

If doing C/C++ hackery in small or medium size programs is what you can do, I don't think some minor JavaScript and XUL/XML changes are something you are not able to do ;-)

There's a large amount of people who are doing add-ons for Firefox with those technologies to achieve such things, and the SeaMonkey UI isn't harder to work on the that of Firefox, really. It's pretty similar.

Robert Kaiser
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