On 09/17/2009 02:20 PM, Jochen Roderburg wrote:
> Yes this works, but it is not exactly the point.  ;-)
> "Copy *Link* Location" works correct. It is "Copy *Image* Location" which
> does not work. This is not a separate menu entry, but part of "Copy Image".
> In my understanding this copies the image as image *and* the image URL as
> text to the clipboard, and the receiving end can decide which of the it can
> usee for a paste operation. Usually graphic programs paste the image and
> text programs (editors or a terminal commandline etc.) paste the URL.

Ah, I see what you are talking about now. My apologies.

In 1.1.18 if I 'Copy Image' and paste to OOo I get the image. That of
course includes the underlying URL to the photo (in this case I used the
second image to the right of Mohamad Ali) If I paste to gedit I get only
the url as gedit only handles text. The link pasted (in this case) is:

If I repeat the above with 2.0x the image is copied as a bitmap in OOo
and the link is not available to copy into gedit. If I use Copy Link
Location in 2.0x the url ends up as:


And that link is considerably different than the one used in 1.1.18
'Copy Image'. It does however, match the url provided in 'Copy Link
Location' in 1.1.18.

So again, my apologies. I'll update my comments on the bug report.

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