On 2009-09-16, Robert Kaiser <ka...@kairo.at> wrote:
> Jochen Roderburg wrote:
>> What can be done to get this regression repaired before a final SM2 version?
> What you can do is to write a patch for it - otherwise you probably just 
> can wait to see if someone else does. We're all volunteers here, working 
> on things in our free time, nobody can be forced to work on a specific 
> thing.
> Robert Kaiser

Yes, I understand well that there are volunteers ar work, especially in the
seamonkey project, and I am really the last one to demand something or
force someone to to anything.  ;-)

OTOH, I love that "open source standard replay" saying: If you have a
problem with our product, just go ahead and fix it yourself.  That may be
possible with a small or medium size open source program, and I have
actually succesfully made changes or fixed errors in such cases a number of
times.  But with huge programs like these mozilla products, I think this
goes beyond my abilities. That would be a task more appropriate for the
"unknown volunteer" who managed to smuggle in the error in the first place.

So please regard my messsage just as a report that I see a small not-yet
corrected error in the program with a little hope on my side that it may
attract the attention of someone who could repair it.  ;-)

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