John Boyle wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
John Boyle wrote:
To Mr. Kaiser et al: This does sound like a well thought out
combination, and I hope it works as predicted!

Which "combination" are you talking about there?

Robert Kaiser
To Mr. Kaiser: A further note on the development of SM2, how far down
the pike is a Linux version going to be available? Some people I know
are trying to get me back into Linux, but, as yet I am not sure of which
distro would be no more frustrating than WINDOWS, nor what will be
available as browser or word processor for them! :-\

Linux versions are and have been available all the time, right in parallel with the Windows and Mac versions.

Also, at least openSUSE 11.2, from what I hear also Fedora 12, will make SeaMonkey 2 available right from the distributor's set of application packages.

Robert Kaiser
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