John Boyle wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Less than 8 weeks after the first beta, the SeaMonkey team released
SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 today, completing the planned feature set for the
next generation of the successful Internet suite, with a final 2.0
version expected next month.

Building on the great heritage of the Netscape Communicator and
Mozilla Application suites, SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 combines a
state-of-the-art web browser based on the same core as Firefox 3.5.3
with a solid email and newsgroups client and a simple HTML editor,
rounding the experience with web development tools and IRC chat.

In addition to the changes in the first beta release, this version
   - tabbed mail, enabling accounts, folders and even single messages to
     be opened in tabs inside the Mail&  Newsgroups window, as well as
     enabling the Lightning extension to be installed into SeaMonkey for
     calendering functionality.
   - a completely renewed default theme on Mac OS X to better fit with
     the look of Leopard and Snow Leopard,
   - reopening of closed browser windows (Undo Close Window),
   - introduction of simpler interfaces for extension developers
   - and a large number of other, smaller improvements.

The release notes include a detailed list of improvements in
comparison to SeaMonkey 1.1.18, our current stable release.

We welcome any and all discussions on this beta on our newsgroups, or
you can even file a bug if you find one. Be sure to check our known
issues prior to filing bugs.

SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 is available for free download on the SeaMonkey
website. Once you have downloaded and installed this release, we'd
like to encourage you to get involved in discussing and reporting
problems as well as further improving the product.

Thanks for testing and helping us to make SeaMonkey even better!

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Robert Kaiser
SeaMonkey project coordinator
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To Mr. Kaiser et al: This does sound like a well thought out
combination, and I hope it works as predicted! Sorry, I have not
participated in developement, but I am terribly certain I could NOT have
contributed anything worthwhile! Believe it or not, I hope this works
out as well or better than expected! :-)

I've been waiting for this but it's a little on the lean side in terms of features I feel, basics you take for granted you know like in any browser.
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