Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/22/09 09:26, Tom Pamin wrote:
I installed Seamonkey on a new PC, and I have no Sent folder in my email. If I create one, sent messages are not saved to it. How can I get Seamonkey to create a Sent folder, and then save messages to it?

First, verify the settings on your e-mail account. In Mail & Newsgroup
Account Settings, look at the 'Copies & Folders' page (under your account
in the tree view). You should have selected "Place a copy in:". Then
make sure that under that, you have selected "Sent" Folder on:, then
select your account (or Local Folders as the case may be for your setup).

To the best of my recollection, it will create a Sent folder once one
is needed, so if these are not set up properly, one won't be created
where you expect it.

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I copied over my Sent folder, and the 2 sent files from my other PC. Now the Sent folder at least shows up in the list. But the messages are still not being saved to it.

I find what's happening is the when I go to Copies and Folders, and choose the option to have the messages saved in Sent, the settings don't stay once I click OK. So no folder can be chosen, since the settings don't hold. How do I fix this?
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