Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/24/09 15:41, Ray_Net wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/24/09 07:24, Ray_Net wrote:
David Wilkinson wrote:
mozzi wrote:
Great application, Seamonkey but I was wondering, when I go to edit a
HTML file, it opens the browser which is NOT what I want at all.

I hope something can be done to address the problem.
Composer is just an application like any other. Its File menu has "New"
and "Open File" items.

I think he was doing a double-click on an HTML file.

The solution for his expectation is to do a right-click on this HTML
file then use the choice "Edit".

But actually, the OP hasn't said what he's doing, even though he was asked.
You had to understand between the lines ... an guess what he was doing.

I didn't say I couldn't guess. I said he didn't say.

The problem is even if I set it manually, eg "open with" it still doesn't let me start the right app in the suite.
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