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> Paul Hartman wrote:
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>>> Paul Hartman wrote:
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>>>>> On 9/24/2009 8:46 AM PT, Martin Freitag typed:
>>>>>>> http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/free-utility-really-does-speed-firefox.htm
>>>>>>> works for Firefox. Is there one for SeaMonkey v1.1.18?
>>>>>> http://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox  says:
>>>>>> "Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser, but with the lapse of time it
>>>>>> starts
>>>>>> working much slowly. The reason is fragmentation of profile databases.
>>>>>> A
>>>>>> free tool SpeedyFox is designed specially to resolve that problem"
>>>>>> Don't take it granted but AFAIK Mozilla 1.1.x does not use SQLITE
>>>>>> databases.
>>>>>> regards
>>>>> Thanks (same for Paul). Trying to tweak old SeaMonkey v1.x. :)
>>>> One thing that was slowing my Seamonkey 1.x down very badly was my
>>>> download history. Apparently I had never cleared it, ever! I don't use
>>>> the download manager, so I never had any reason to open it. It was
>>>> causing downloads to take quite some time to begin or end (can't
>>>> remember which), probably because it was reading and updating this
>>>> huge list of years worth of downloaded files.
>>> Talking about Download Manager, I would like to have more options for it
>>> in
>>> the Preferences.
>>> Same as for History, the option for how long time I want to keep
>>> downloads
>>> on the manager. Then old downloads would be deleted when time set
>>> expired.
>>> That may need to order the downloads by date and not alphabetically, but
>>> I
>>> would like that better too!
>>> Tha option would allow me to not save any downloads at all, if I could
>>> set
>>> the time to zero days. As it is now, I have to remember to manually
>>> delete
>>> items from the manager even if I don't care to save any of them.
>>> But if i want to save the latest for a couple of days, I have to remember
>>> what the latest downloads was since the order is not set by date and
>>> there
>>> is not even any date mentioned at all in the manager.
>>> Would this be able to implement in a future release?
>> I use the MultiZilla add-on which has options to clear download
>> history (and all other similar things) upon exit.
> If you want (or need) it for other features, it may be an option. But I
> don't want to install an multiply use extension to use only as a "download
> manager cleaner". Since SM has the manager, it should also have the options
> how to use it the same was as the history that SM also have.

Yes, of course, I agree with you.

In my case I use the other features, too and the download
history-cleaner is a bonus. :)
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