On 9/25/2009 9:13 PM Arne wrote:
Talking about Download Manager, I would like to have more options for it in the Preferences.

Same as for History, the option for how long time I want to keep downloads on the manager. Then old downloads would be deleted when time set expired. That may need to order the downloads by date and not alphabetically, but I would like that better too!

The download manager of SeaMonkey 2 features a Clear List button. Additionally you can delete your download history at any time using Clear Private Data and optionally automatically on exit.

Tha option would allow me to not save any downloads at all, if I could set the time to zero days. As it is now, I have to remember to manually delete items from the manager even if I don't care to save any of them.

Firefox has a pref for that (browser.download.manager.retention) but even though it appears in SM2 it is not supported (yet). You may file an enhancement bug for adding support for it (both the pref itself and an entry on Preferences/Browser/Downloads).

But if i want to save the latest for a couple of days, I have to remember what the latest downloads was since the order is not set by date and there is not even any date mentioned at all in the manager.

You can show date columns (Start, End) in SM2's download manager and use them for sorting.



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