Jens Hatlak wrote:

I notice many items in about:config are now referenced as c:\xxyyzz\,
but in profiles.ini it does have the relative flag set. I'd like to
move the profile back to my homeDirectory. I tried using profile
manager, but don't see an option to move...

Correct, the profile manager doesn't offer that. Instead, just convert
the profile to a non-relative by setting IsRelative=0 and adapting Path
in profiles.ini, cf. <>. Then
check for any paths (mail storage directories etc.) that you want to
adapt in prefs.js (make a backup beforehand to be safe) or use the UI,
e.g. Server Settings under MailNews Account Settings.

Thanks. I have now moved the profile.

profiles.ini is the new version of registry.dat, but much easier to edit. The slight annoyance is hard coded paths in prefs.js, but you can use the -rel version instead. Here's what I did after making backups:

1. Open SM. Kill absoluate paths in prefs.js from about:config by resetting to default. Exit SM.
2. Move FileSystem files to new location
3. Edit profiles.ini IsRelative=0 and edit Path to point to new location. (On Windows I used single backslashes in the path). Restart SM.
4. Test browsing/mail/news to make sure everything still works as expected.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)
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