Terje J. Hanssen schrieb:
> Martin Freitag wrote:
>> Make sure you didn't have a typo on your search as you had in your post
>> (map vs. mab!)
>> SM1.1.x has to have that file somewhere.
>> You could also try to export in SM1 with the Adressbook and then import
>> it manually in SM2 address book.
>> regards
>> Martin
> Obviously I had searched with a typo. Indeed I found four abook.mab on
> my system related to SM and Mozilla. And yet another for Thunderbird 3.0b.
> My mailbox is a legacy one for years with Mozilla and SM on Windows and
> openSUSE Linux in a multiboot setup. The mailbox is located on a common
> FAT32 disk, and I setup this path in the preference after installation
> if neccessary.
> SM 2.0b2 address book had only a few new collected addresses. As I could
> not save save new addresses, it looks as a bug or possibly the file was
> read only.
> How is it possible to see the path to which abook.mab SM really is using
> or change that path?
SM uses the abook.mab in your current profile directory.
And yes SM2 uses a new profile, not the SM1 one. (but SM2 imports the
data from SM1 after the first start)

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