dave wrote:
I spent all afternoon loading up all the features of SeaMonkey to
replace my old Netscape e-mail on my Intel iMac.
And, it took over flawlessly which was a relief to me since Netscape
was playing tricks on me by shuting down during forwarding of MIT
articles to a friend. It had never done this in the many years that I
have used it..
The next day when I wanted to use SeaMonkey again it had disapeared
completely from the hard drive and was not in the trash either. All
that was left was the unresponsive icon in the dock. That to me is
I am a little concerned about trying SeaMonkey again without knowing
how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.     Dave

(Note: This reply is by request from a poster on another Forum on the Mozilla Server)

I'll help if I can on this one thread, I will.

First I need to know your system version click apple item in finder menu and choose about this Mac.


locating with Safari or some other Web Browser (since SeaMonkey is out of commission) on Google the utility AppleJack. Download and install the version for your OS (Operating System). Then restart and holding down the Command (Apple) - S key combination. You will open into Single User Mode (The UNIX system).

After a bunch of witting quits loading at the blinking square type "applejack"

follow directions in order. run 3 and 4 twice first under system then once for each user account you have setup. The first time there may be tons of cache files and may take a long time.

number one takes a long time to run as it repairs system level components and file systems.

Run through all steps. Quit according to directions, and restart.

Next wait for computer to start up (may take a while as it remove system cache files for Menu bar Hard drive icon position and Dock position and other items such as positions of menubar items. You might even see blue screen for a few seconds.

Now go to Application folder and look for the SeaMonkey application. If its there click on Application. If not re-download the SeaMonkey.

This time don't add any extra such as extensions or Themes.

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