I am running the SeaMonkey 2.0 RC1 pre-test. I replied to the announcement "SeaMonkey 2.0 RC1 pre-testing - help wanted!" by Robert Kaiser. His post was made to several newsgroups: mozilla.dev.apps.seamonkey, mozilla.support.seamonkey, mozilla.dev.l10n, mozilla.dev.quality

His posting also had a header for "followup-to: mozilla.dev.apps.seamonkey" -- a group I do not follow.

Is it really correct when I am reading in one group (mozilla.support.seamonkey) for my reply to go automatically, solely, and without notice to another group (that I may or may not be following or even have any interest in)? More worrisome, if Robert Kaiser responds, he will probably respond in that newsgroup (does he have any indication of what newsgroup I was reading when I responded?), and if it is a request for more information, or a suggestion, I just might not see it or respond to it).

This may all be just the way things are supposed to work, but it might be appropriate to at least have an (optional?) warning to me, the responder, that my response will not appear where I am currently reading the item.

Just a thought, and perhaps a warning.

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