Martin Freitag wrote:

I don't get why the message was deleted at your side, but anyway... as
my sugestion worked: you're welcome ;-)

Hi Martin Freitag

The reason the msg was deleted was due to the idiot behind the keyboard. (ME!!) I have it set to delete msgs after being read
and if I don't change it to unread then it is lost.  Like I
said the idiot.  It worked perfectly and my computer now seems
to be loading and running faster so for me at least 1.1.18
slowed down my computer.  Took around 5 to 6 seconds to download
each message so I could read it.  But now as I read them just
a blink of the eye and a new one is up. Grateful for the help and
people like you are a big help to a lot of us old codgers (old
folks)who are in the techie world of today.

Lee (in Florida)
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