On Oct 16, 4:02 pm, Ant <a...@zimage.comant> wrote:
> Hello!
> CLSID, a developer for QT Alternative/Lite v3.0.0
> (http://www.codecguide.com/) and I are trying to figure out why its QT
> plug-ins crashes in SeaMonkey v1.1.18 (not v2.0 RC1).
> You can see our forum thread/conversations 
> inhttp://codecs.freeforums.org/post8953.html...
> For now, I went back to QT Lite v2.9.2. Does anyone have the latest
> Apple's bloated QuickTime version installed with SeaMonkey v1.1.18?

I found that the official v7.6.4 crashes SM 1.1.18 on a WinXP/SP3
system.  Reverted to SM v1.1.17 and all is well.

In my experience, all it takes to reproduce the problem is to enter
http://domain.com/path/to/somefile.mp3 in the URL field.  The crash
occures even if another application (say, Windows Media Player) is the
defined application for that file type.  I get the same error message
referred to in your link above.  Another way, the way it was first
reported to me, is to click on a link to an MP3 file from within an
Outlook Express message.

I didn't file a bug report because the 1.1.18 on which the problem was
seen was built by me and I didn't have time to test the official
binary release.  Now I do have time, but Quicktime won't install on
the Win2K systems I have available.
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