Martin Freitag wrote:
Bob Fleischer schrieb:
On my home system I'm running SeaMonkey 1.1.18 with about 7GB of mail
folders.  This is on a drive that has less than 7GB free space.  When I
install SeaMonkey 2.0, will I be able to convert my profile and keep my
email in place?  How?

If this is the size after compacting all folders (right-click on a
folder to find this option) I guess you will have trouble if this is the
drive with the "documents and settings-directory" where the new profile
will be by default.
I'd suggest to move non-standard-folders (the ones which are not inbox,
sent etc. if you have custom ones) manually
drastically detach big attachments from the mails and compact the
folders afterwards.


My understanding is that the mail files themselves are not changed by the profile conversion process, right?, so if I hide them (by renaming or relocating) from conversion and then restore them to the converted profile everything should be OK?

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