Using SM 2.0 RC2 with a migrated profile from 1.1.18, Win XP Pro SP3:

In SM 1.1.x, there was a non-UI pref to have about:SeaMonkey display in a
modal window (IMO, *not* stupid, but useful; YMMV):
browser.show_about_as_stupid_modal_window.  This pref is no longer functioning
in SM 2.

Can we look for a return of this option in SM 2?  Currently, about:SeaMonkey
is displayed in a tab, dependent on a user's tab settings, or a wholly
separate browser window.  Not to bang the "Firefox does it, why can't SM" drum
too loudly, but FF does display its about in a very nice modal window, and I
think it works well.  Better than the current SM 2 behavior, IMO.

TIA for any feedback --
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