On 10/27/2009 3:24 PM, Hartmut Figge wrote:
> David E. Ross:
>> First, I cleared out SeaMonkey 1.1.18.  I deleted its entire
>> installation folder and all profile folders.
> Why? Then SM2 has nothing to migrate.
>> (I saved the profiles on a different hard drive;
> A good step.
>> Then, I installed SeaMonkey 2.0 on Windows XP SP2.  I did a custom
>> install, deselecting Chatzilla.  I installed in
>> [C:\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe].
> I never used the installer.
>> At the end, I got a window asking if I wanted to launch SeaMonkey.  I
>> responded positively.  I then got an error popup with the message:
>> "SeaMonkey is already running, but is not reponding.  To open a new
>> window, you must first close the existing SeaMonkey process, or restart
>> your system."  I checked the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) --
>> both Applications and Processes tabs -- and cannot find SeaMonkey
>> running.  When I did a warm reboot, I got the same error popup.
> Look in your profile if there is a file with the name parent.lock. If
> so, delete it.
> Hartmut

Regarding my four old profiles, they were not in a standard location.  I
had Profile Manager (SM 1.1.x) put them in [C:\WINDOWS\Application
Data\Mozilla].  Can SM 2 migrate one of them from there on installation?
 Is this the cause of my problem?

David E. Ross

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