I'm late to the discussion so may have missed important facts but I installed Seamonkey 2.0 on a Vista Home Basic 64 bit system tonight. It seems to run great, and all of my email, bookmarks and so on seem to be present from the little I've seen so far.

But don't count on having the old installation to fall back on because it overwrites it just like the installation instructions tells you it will. It might not too hard to install in at another location and keep the old one, however; but I don't know. I'm not anything like a geek; I typically only know enough to get myself into trouble...

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> > On 10/27/2009 03:27 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
>>  The SeaMonkey project at Mozilla is excited to release its completely
>>  refurbished next generation of the all-in one Internet suite today:
>>  SeaMonkey 2.0, now available for free download from the
>>  seamonkey-project.org website, melds the ideas behind Netscape
>>  Communicator with the modern platform of Firefox 3.5 to create one of
>>  the most compelling open source products for advanced Internet users.
>  Well done! Any idea when a 64bit linux version will be available?
And, 64 bit versions for MS Windows?

My missus, who has just upgraded from Vista to Win 7 (32-bit to 64 bit,
also) on her 64 bit laptop, cannot find a 64 bit version of Firefly or
Firefox or whatever.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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