First and in general - I like it.  But...

...have observed the following in about a hour of using SM 2.0 under OS 10.6.1 on a 3.06 GHz MacBook Pro with 4 Gig RAM:

1) SeaMonkey asks for the Master Password at startup even though I have the Preference set to only ask at the first time it is needed - I'm not using SSL, nor do I have SeaMonkey set to display Mail and Newsgroups at launch.

2) Holding down the Option key at launch does not bring up the Profile Manager.

3) Transfer of my previous SM 1.1.18 Profile information was incomplete at launch of SM 2.0 - Bookmarks and Preference settings transferred completely; Mail and Newsgroup server settings, Preferences, Folders, saved mail, etc. transferred completely, but Newsgroup Subscriptions were only displayed for one Server/Account - the last one in the Accounts list. All files appeared in the proper locations in the new 2.0 Profile, but were only displayed for the last listed Server/Account.

4) Right click (cntrl+click) does not consistently bring up the contextual menu for Task Bar options if I right click anywhere within the Task Bar - I seem to have to right click below the address bar within the Task Bar in order to bring up the contextual menu consistently. This occurs when using the (new) default theme, and is less annoying in the Mail and Newsgroup windows - probably because there is more area to click within (no address line). Clicks appear to be ignored within the line where the window title appears, upon comparison.

     - Rufus
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