James wrote:
In case anyone missed it:  I believe my post below is wrong and Lee is
right; as I apparently still have the old copy on my hard drive. The old
link apparently was changed to point to the new version and it's at a
slightly different location.

I don't know why the Seamonkey installation instructions tells you it's
going to overwrite your existing version if it doesn't...

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I just updated and as far as I can see the entire old Seamonkey is gone
[overwritten] just like the Seamonkey site tells you it's going to be.
I just wondered where you got the idea that it wouldn't do what they
specifically tell you it_will_ do. Perhaps in a Beta???

Anyway, clicking on my old shortcut to Seamonkey 1.x now loads Seamonkey
2.0 and I don't see the old one anywhere. It's probably not a good idea
to keep telling people they'll still have the old version to fall back
on when the download page tells you that you won't. Maybe if you
installed it in some other location???

I'm using Vista Home Basic 64 bit.


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> James wrote:
>> > Then why is this note on the Seamonkey page under Installation?
>> >
>> >
>> >
>>> >> Installation
>>> >>
>>> >> Please note that installing SeaMonkey 2.0 will overwrite
your existing
>>> >> installation of SeaMonkey. You won't lose any of your
>>> >> browsing history or mail and news messages, but some of your
>>> >> extensions and other add-ons might not work until updates
for them are
>>> >> made available.
>>> >>
>>> >> > .
>> > .
>> > Thanks,
>> > James
>> > .
>> > .
>>> >> First of all, even if you install SM 2.0 in the default
location, it
>>> >> will not overwrite the existing SM 1.1.x. It installs to
its own
>>> >> location, and sets up a new profile in a new location. As
long as you
>>> >> do not uninstall SM 1.1.x, you cn easily run the two
independently of
>>> >> each other.
>>> >> >
>> >
> Well, all I can say is that installing 2.0 on Win XP SP3 installed
to a
> separate SeaMonkey folder in Program Files, leaving 1.1.14
untouched in
> the mozilla.org folder.
> On the other hand, on Mac OS X, I installed it as instructed to
> Applications, which did overwrite 1.1.18.
> At least that is what happened to me.
> Lee


Thanks for confirming that! I suspect the directions were written before the fact, and things changed at the last minute. Anyhow, I'm glad you have both versions.

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