JD wrote:

Is there anybody here that uses Windows XP?

Yes, and it is fully updated as yours is.  I installed it
after reading of your problem and it installed perfectly.
I just let it do its thing and it installed in C: with no
problems.  Just checked it to be sure.  Sorry you are
having a problem.  I even tried the old exec icon and it
brought up SeaMonkey 2.0..  I did not do the custom
install I just brought all the data from my old 1.1.17 to
the new install and it worked.  I did try to place a check
in the newsgroup but it did not take but all my ng files
were brought forward.  I hope someone comes up with a fix
for you.

Lee (in Florida)US Army Retired
Georgie Boy Cruise Master
Logitech Vid and Skype for vid calls
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