I am very frustrated that now that I have installed seamonkey 2.40,
though it has solved the problem of continuous crashing, I can no
longer see ANY images in my email, though the preferences have
nothing blocked.  I disabled all addons except session manager to no
avail.  I do not think opening each and every of multitudinal images
in the browser is a workaround.  So, what to do? 2.41?

First check this pref:

Edit | Preferences | Privacy & Security | Images:
Image Acceptance Policy
Specify how SeaMonkey handles images.
(o) Do not load any images
(o) Only load images that come from the originating server
(•) Load all images

This pref, if you choose the first setting, will block all images in HTML messages regardless of their source. I recommend the third setting, provided you also set:

Edit | Preferences | Mail & Newsgroups | Message Display:
[x] Block images and other content from remote sources

Setting this pref will block remote images such as web beacons and show only images that are actually embedded in HTML messages.


Sorry, can't answer your other two questions.

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