On 10/13/2016 12:47 PM, Adrian Kalla wrote:
> W dniu 10/12/2016 o 06:51 PM, NoOp pisze:
>> Yeah, I was as my download history shows that I downloaded 2.46 on 9/9
>> from Adrian Kalla's (wave to Adrian) directory:
>> https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/~akalla/unofficial/seamonkey/nightly/
>> (latest-comm-release-<>).
>> I was just surprised that the update notice actually worked, however...
>> Prior to the update I was running the 32bit version:
>> Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0
>> SeaMonkey/2.46
>> and the update changed my install to 64bit. I had purposely switched
>> back to 32bit because of plugin problems (Shockwave Flash is the only
>> plugin that shows up in about:plugins with 64bit. Plus the 64bit update
>> borked my Lightning calendar & I had to reinstall to 5.1 to get my
>> calendar back. Now I have to go back and download the 32bit version &
>> reinstall so that I can get my plugins to work again :-(
>> Note: on the linux update all is OK as that was running 64bit and all
>> the plugins work.
>> I'll post back after I revert back to 32bit...
> Mozilla recently changed the parameters attached to the update-URL and
> it looks like I've configured the update server incorrectly...
> I hope I've fixed it now for the RELEASE branch. Please check, if the
> the upgrade to 64bit from 32bit still happens on Windows.
> If it should really work, then I'll fix it for the other branches too
> (please be so kind to send me an email, as I don't check the groups on a
> regular basis).
> Best,
> Adrian

Sent you an email yesterday -- I do not have an older 2.46 RELEASE
version to test. I only was able to find an August 2.46 DEFAULT version
& that will not update.

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