Ed Mullen wrote:
On 8/8/17 at 1:32 AM, Paul B. Gallagher created this epitome of
digital genius:
I just noticed today that when I click on a mailto: link,
SeaMonkey opens a browser window at the location about:blank and
then immediately afterward opens a mail composition window with the
target email address in the To: field.

Just me, or are others seeing this?

User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:49.0)
Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0 SeaMonkey/2.46
Build identifier: 20161213183751

Are you clicking the mailto link in SM? Or another browser?

In an incoming HTML mail message in SM.

The source code looks like this (sanitizing the domain name):

<a href="mailto:supp...@companyname.com"; target="blank">supp...@companyname.com</a>

Could it be the target="blank" option?

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