On 8/11/2017 11:51 PM, Ant wrote:
> On 8/11/2017 4:38 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 8/11/2017 2:10 PM, Ant wrote:
>>> On 8/11/2017 1:23 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
>>>> On 8/11/2017 8:04 AM, Ant wrote:
>>>>> On 8/11/2017 7:50 AM, David E. Ross wrote:
>>>>>> On 8/11/2017 12:27 AM, Ant wrote:
>>>>>>> On 7/15/2012 2:01 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 7/15/12 10:19 AM, Ant wrote:
>>>>>>>>> On 7/15/2012 10:16 AM PT, David E. Ross typed:
>>>>>>>>>  > Do you have the PrefBar extension installed?  If so, get the Expire
>>>>>>>>>  > History Button from
>>>>>>>>>> <http://prefbar.tuxfamily.org/buttons.html#expirehistory> and import 
>>>>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>>>>> into PrefBar.  While the default is 30 days, you can set another 
>>>>>>>>>> number
>>>>>>>>>> of days.  To change the default, you can also download and edit the 
>>>>>>>>>> .xpi
>>>>>>>>>> file before importing.
>>>>>>>>> Ah thanks. Yes, I do. So SM v2.10.1 uses 30 days by default. That's 
>>>>>>>>> good
>>>>>>>>> enough for me then. If I need to change that, then I will get that
>>>>>>>>> PrefBar button. :)
>>>>>>>> No, no, no!
>>>>>>>> 30 days is the default in PrefBar's Expire History Button.
>>>>>>>> SM 2.10.1 uses the Mozilla Toolkit, which only controls the size of the
>>>>>>>> history SQLite database, purging old entries when the database gets 
>>>>>>>> full.
>>>>>>> Uh oh. I think v2.48 broke this PrefBar's expire history button. It was
>>>>>>> fine with v2.46 and earlier. Can any other PrefBar users please kindly
>>>>>>> confirm this too on theirs too? :(
>>>>>>> Thank you in advance. :)
>>>>>> You quoted newsgroup messages that are 5 years old.  Since then, I moved
>>>>>> the Expire History button from Eabled Items in PrefBar to Available
>>>>>> Items.  I then installed the "Expire history by days" extension.
>>>>>> There is good news and bad news about "Expire history by days".  The bad
>>>>>> news is that the current version (1.3.1) cannot work with SeaMonkey and
>>>>>> that the last "good" version (1.2.0) had compatibility problems and is
>>>>>> no longer available.  The good news is that I ran 1.2.0 through the
>>>>>> converter at <http://addonconverter.fotokraina.com/> and archived the
>>>>>> results.  If you want a copy, let me know.
>>>>> Oh wow, I didn't know you left PreBar button. I reported this issue in
>>>>> https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=26405 and got an answer. It
>>>>> looks like MANY of its features are going away because of Firefox v57 as
>>>>> shown in http://prefbar.tuxfamily.org/migration.html ... :(
>>>> Do you or don't you want the converted "Expire history by days" extension?
>>> Oops. Yes, please post it online so others and I can get it. :)
>> It is at
>> <http://www.rossde.com/test/expire_history_by_days-1.2.0-sm.xpi>.  I
>> will remove that from my Web server in about a month.
> Thanks! Why remove it? What if we need it again later on? :(

Do what I do:  archive it on a flash drive or other removable device.

David E. Ross

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