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Ray_Net wrote:
Mr. Ed wrote on 25-02-18 20:49:
On 02/25/18 2:29 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
A Williams wrote on 25-02-18 10:13:
Ray_Net wrote:
Correct, So what can we do to convince the SM developpers that the
"Advertising firefox compatibility" should put FireFox-version in the
final part of the UA string ?
You are aware you can change the UA string yourself?  I forget how
but it is
apparently trivial.
Yes, But that's not the better solution. When this is done by SM
itself the
newbies are better served
And If you change the UA string yourself at EVERY upgrade version YOU
must do
it again and again.
Use the add-on "PrefBar" .  Enter once and only change it when you
want to.
If SM do the job ... I don't need to install another add-on and I don't
need to change the string at every releases ....

You're assuming everyone has this problem.
If Seamonkey stops advertising itself as Seamonkey, its perceived "market share" drops to zero.  Using PrefBar would - presumably - fix your problem without affecting anyone else.
I just fall into another case .... there are a big number of sites refusing to work with SM.
"Market share" ? Who's care .... not me.
If the UA string ends with FireFox level ... it contains also SM ... But this solution will be better accepted by the poor coding of a lot os webmaster. My last case was telling me that "Your browser is INCOMPATIBLE with the reservation of a product - please install one of those" .... Where FireFox was in the list of their "Compatible" browsers. I sent a mail to their webmaster showing that SM is equivalent with the FireFox-level present in the UA string; And I ask them to correct thei bad coding.
So far, so good, but I did not receive a feedback.
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