If it were dead/unsupported you wouldn't have a 2.49.2 :)

After the ESR52 2.49.x cycle ends in August there might be a bigger delay getting an up to date version 2.57 out the door. Mozilla removed so much from the backend source code that some parts need a big overhaul and the developer base is not exactly growing.

We might do an interim 2.53 based on Fx 56 code with security fixes but this is still undecided.


DoctorBill wrote:
TCW wrote:
On 3/7/2018 10:07 AM, DoctorBill wrote:
I look to FoxNews often.
Of late, SM becomes simply unresponsive - especially to the Login.

If left alone, a message comes up about a script running, etc.

How do I stop any web site from running scripts ?
If I can't, what can I do to prevent these lock ups (a script running) ?


Could be Fake News (sorry, couldn't help it) but also try updating to 2.49.2: https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/2.49.2

Downloading now......Thanks.
Fake News - what's that ?   I believe EVERYTHING that CNN says !

BTW - IS SeaMonkey essentially dead ?   Not being supported of improved anymore 
Saw a post here about that !

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