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> On 3/13/18, Ray_Net <tbrraymond.schmit...@tbrscarlet.be> wrote:
>> Ray_Net wrote on 13-03-18 01:09:
>>> http://www.vaccination-info.be/vaccinations-du-voyageur/vaccination-contre-l-encephalite-a-tiques-d-europe-centrale
>>> What can we do to select some text of this page ?
>> Thanks for all replies ... I was just curious of "how can a site block a
>> text selection".
> view source, then search for mouse, click, copy
> probably one or more of those
> Did you try setting  dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled  and
> dom.event.contextmenu.enabled  to false and see if they can still
> block text selection?
> Lee

The code that was shown elsewhere in this thread shows that they are
blocking the selection with "ondragstart=...". I don't think this event
is controlled by the settings you mention.

Nuno Silva
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