On 3/13/18, Paul in Houston, TX <Paul@houston.texas> wrote:
> Lee wrote:
>> On 3/12/18, Paul in Houston, TX <Paul@houston.texas> wrote:
>>> Ray_Net wrote:
>>>> http://www.vaccination-info.be/vaccinations-du-voyageur/vaccination-contre-l-encephalite-a-tiques-d-europe-centrale
>>>> What can we do to select some text of this page ?
>>> Turn off JS and refresh.
>> I have javascript blocked & only enable it if absolutely required.  So
>> I didn't have any problems selecting or copying text.  If you do want
>> to have JS enabled try setting
>> dom.event.contextmenu.enabled  to false
>> or
>> dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled  to false
>> and see if either one of those does the trick for you
>> Lee
> For me it's easier to use QuickJS.  Click on / click off.

yeah... but that's a global switch to enable/disable javascript.  I
_really_ don't like the idea of whatever ad network wins the bidding
war being allowed to run their code on my machine, so I use a more
selective approach.  Originally it was noscript + request policy
continued but I'm really liking umatrix + ublock origin now.  I still
haven't figured out ublock origin but umatrix is so much easier to use
than noscript + request policy continued

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